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    Nadezhda Liberova 

    Author of paintings presented in "Liberova N.N." in the site menu "GALLERY" Nadezhda@brodado.ru, FaceBook.com/BRODADO.RU

    She was born in 1945. In the Kursk region. She graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after Lenin. Forty years as a teacher, at the same time engaged in various kinds of art: Khokhloma, batik, collage, macrame and knitting. Since 2000, the beginning of embroidery stitch pictures manually. Since 2004, member of the Union of Artists, Moscow. She has participated in exhibitions in the house of creativity in Pärnu (Estonia), the exhibition hall of association of artists SEAD Moscow "Springs" in October 2007, in the House of Culture, Domodedovo, on the opening day in Moscow. She has participated in solo exhibitions in July 2003, 2004, 2005
    A little bit about how to start embroidery stitch pattern. Perhaps by chance, maybe his whole life was to it, but in one of the warm summer days, going up to the entrance of the house, stopped at the sitting on the bench grandmothers. Among them was Kobanova Mariya (at the time she was 93, a veteran, a nurse, went through the war.) From the conversation learned that she had for 50 years embroidery stitch pattern. She asked me to bring my work, tapestry embroidered with beads and stitch. I proudly showed them, but when I saw her pictures, it became clear that I was very far from such a master. Mariya suggested I start embroidering under her leadership. To be sure, it is embroidered with threads of bringing down the various pieces of fabric: h / b, wool, silk, some tape, etc., in short, of all that can be dissolved. Previously, the store was empty and buy thread was very difficult. Therefore, creative people have used everything they could, and for many years it used to it.
    And so this knowledge was the beginning of his creative career. Drawings on the choice offered me Mariya. I hasten to point out that she did not know how to draw, it was only a few drawings on tracing paper, but in great detail loomed each element, so the picture has a lot of repeat. The selected pattern "Birches at Water" translated as a blueprint to the cloth, in great detail, everything, even the smallest details. Secure the fabric to the frame. Next it was necessary to select the color and dissolve pieces of tissue, the work is very tedious. Pieces of material, it has shared with me. Frankly, dissolve cloth, and these threads to embroider, I had enough for five days. Then went to the store and bought the floss, the benefit to this problem is not there. Mariya showed me the basic stitch and I slowly began to work. Thus, under the leadership of its constant embroidered in a few days, then try to do everything yourself, using her work done on the same pattern as a sample. At Maria Vasilyevna job of getting bulky, so embroidering birch trunks, it puts a thick cloth, and then sewed them around. Their first job, of course, tried to do exactly as directed. Would not have got this first picture, I would not have continued to embroider stitch, but the result was surprisingly good. At this point I "sat down on the needle." The desire to embroider grew progressively. After graduating from the first job, start their own embroidery "Pavlovsk Palace." The work was given with great difficulty, but embroidered with great desire and is in its own way just intuitively left its stitch by stitch, as they say, "where you do not poke and everything in place." To date, my technique is more like painting with thread than the classic satin stitch embroidery. Passion was so strong that all my free time, I dedicate creativity. Most interesting is that Mariya began to embroider the drawings that I did for her and using my technique, she embroidered for about ten jobs. Then she was already 95 years old. She died at 99 years old.
    I work a lot, ten, and sometimes fourteen hours a day. All the pictures are totally different, not repetitive. Try to choose subjects that did not exist, then why not do it earlier. The first years, drawing on the fabric the whole picture with all the details. I'm doing a schematic sketch of the planned size of the picture but its middle and basic details of the composition, and then start working. Time for work is different, depending on the complexity, size, and can range from one month to six months.
    In conclusion, I must say is very important. Throughout the last twelve years, all to help me, my husband - Vaino Mstislav V.. It's thanks to him that I managed to do so much work.
    April 7, 2012 he passed away. Eternal memory to him.

    Nadezhda Liberova.

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